“Implement the Common Core in the Music Classroom”

Already hailed as the “next big thing” in educational reform, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are being rushed into every school district in the country.

Most music teachers fear that implementing the CCSS is going to take time away from rehearsing their ensembles, thus detracting from the quality of their ensembles.

This workshop will show how integrating the CCSS standards will actually help make your groups sound better and provide a more comprehensive experience for your students.

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“Measure Student Growth with Student Learning Objectives (SLO’s)”

Many states are using the Student Learning Objectives approach to measure student growth because they work! Learn how to use Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) to create meaningful student growth models for your students.

Participants will learn about the state’s definition of Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) and how they can be used effectively in measuring student growth.

This session will provide strategies and forms giving all music teachers the confidence to meet the upcoming mandate... (Click to read more)

“Music Teacher Evaluation”

Whether you are a music teacher or a music supervisor, this inservice workshop is important for you.

In an attempt to provide music teachers with proper teacher evaluation and the professional development that they need, the National Association for Music Education has created evaluation guidelines for teachers and supervisors based on the Danielson framework for teaching.

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“The Teacher Mentorship Program”

The number one request that we hear from music teachers is that they wish someone could objectively watch them teach and offer suggestions to help make them a better teacher and not have to worry that those “suggestions” would appear in an evaluation.

The Teacher Mentorship Program will do just that! We will visit your school and document your teaching through the lens of a trained music teacher evaluator.

We will also compare your overall program against the National Association for Music... (Click to read more)

“A Model Music Curriculum for the 21st Century”

Strategic question...Will your current music curriculum prepare your students to be college and career ready? Times are changing fast, and if you have the same curriculum that you did 3 years ago, you and your students are way behind.

This curricular approach to music education holds students accountable for their individual performance, tracks student performance and provides data to measure student growth.

Learn about a contemporary approach to giving your students... (Click to read more)

“An Approach to the “New” Core Music Standards”

The National Association for Music Education (NAfME), in conjunction with the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards, released the new National Core Arts Standards on June 4, 2014.  

This marks the first time that the National Core Arts Standards have been update since they were first release over 20 years ago. (1994)

This workshop will compare and contrast the new Core Music Standards with the old standards. Participants will also learn an approach for integrating the “New” Core...

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